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Irreplaceable: A Journey Through Love, Loss and Healing


In 2011 Louise Moir was faced with the sudden and catastrophic death of her husband. At the age of 41, after losing his job the previous year, Daniel took his own life, leaving behind Louise, their two young sons and his two daughters from a previous marriage.

Three years earlier, when she and Daniel had married, Louise had felt that she had more happiness than anyone deserved. Now her world was turned upside down.

Irreplaceable is the powerful and moving story of a journey into the unknown and the unthinkable, as a mother whose life seems comfortable and predictable sees it disintegrate in a way that she could never have imagined.

Louise’s account of picking up the pieces afterwards is as absorbing as her portrayal of the build-up to her husband’s death. Her story is one of love, discovery, courage and healing.

Irreplaceable bravely confronts the taboos that surround suicide and highlights the deficiencies in mental health care in the UK.


‘This is a profoundly personal story of an ordinary family who turn out to be extraordinary in their courage when faced with tragedy. By writing with such gripping honesty, understanding and compassion about her husband's suicide, Louise Moir may save the lives of others.'

Rachel Kelly, author of 'Black Rainbow'


‘A brave, intimate and detailed account of a wife and mother coming to terms with the loss of her beloved husband through suicide’

CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably)

‘Louise’s courage and honesty challenges the stigma around suicide, and may help other surviving parents and children as they try to make sense of their own bereavements’.

Gianna Daley, Winston’s Wish

‘“Irreplaceable” is a moving, insightful, sometimes painful account of how suicide happened in a family but it is also the story of the life that went before and of the strengths that help people recover.’

Louis Appleby, Chair of The National Suicide Prevention Strategy Advisory Group

‘So many people will identify with Louise's bewilderment and helplessness as she felt her partner slipping inexorably from her grasp and a threadbare care system could do only too little to help.’

David Brindle, Guardian Public Services Editor

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