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Prisoner of Grace

The first volume of the Chester Nimmo trilogy.

Bewitchingly beautiful Nina Woodville is an intelligent and sensual woman. Brought up with her cousin, Jim Latter, she is forced into an arranged marriage at eighteen with Chester Nimmo.

Chester pursues his political career with fierce ambition while Nina, though disturbed by his religious zeal, tries to be a

supportive wife. But mutual passion binds Nina and Jim together and their destinies become entwined with powerfully tragic consequences.

Earthy and full-blooded, both innocent and wise, we find in Nina a woman as sensuous as Emma Bovary, as ravaged as Anna Karenina.


“The most powerful novel he’s written.”

Walter Allen

“Delicately ribald and unfailingly shrewd.”

The Times

“Whenever I am idle I choose a Cary novel in the way I might seek a friend’s company, and it is not long

before I am encouraged, inspired to write.”

Paul Theroux

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