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A Fearful Joy

Tabitha Baskett is seduced by an engaging scoundrel named Bonser who deserts her when she is pregnant.

She is taken under the wing of a businessman who is also a patron of the arts; and after his death, by a millionaire.

Finally she returns to Bonser who marries her.

In charting the life of Tabitha, Cary has written one of the most enchantingly comic and life-enhancing stories of modern fiction and a vivid history of the first half of the twentieth century.


“It is a very good novel. I think it may be a great novel… sensitivity to human relationships and a sense of form which we have missed since EM Forster grew silent.”

News Chronicle

“Read this book. It is a fine example of the work of one of the best contemporary novelists.”

C P Snow

“A bizarre love story… full of his best fun.”

Daily Telegraph

“A marvellous writer.”

Doris Lessing

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