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Except the Lord

‘This is not the history of political events but of a boy’s mind and soul.’

The second book in the Chester Nimmo trilogy.

Now an old man, Chester Nimmo, the fiery politician of Prisoner of Grace, looks back on his life.

In a moving account of his childhood in a Devonshire hamlet he recalls his family.

He describes his father, an Adventist preacher whose religious beliefs shaped Chester’s own moral and political creed. He also relates his first meeting with Nina...

Told with honesty and affection, it is a revealing insight into the complex character of Chester Nimmo.


“I consider a new Joyce Cary novel to be an event. I look forward to the announcement of the next from the moment I have finished the last.”

Elizabeth Bowen

“A fine novel about the shaping of moral and political beliefs.”

Edwin Ernest Christian

“I certainly feel that Cary’s books should be brought out in a collected edition… They are memorable and should be remembered.”

Graham Greene

“A marvellous writer – fresh, funny, popping with life.”

Doris Lessing

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