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Mapreaders and Multitaskers

In Mapreaders and Multitaskers, Gavin Evans argues that male and female minds do not emerge from different planets, and that our emotional and intellectual capacities are moulded more by culture than biology.

A great many of the supposedly innate gender differences between men and women have been invented or exaggerated by evolutionary psychologists and self-help authors. Evans offers fresh insight on gender roles through proposing unconventionally wide and flexible definitions of what it is to be masculine and feminine, from a firm biological base.

This book challenges ideas rooted in conventional wisdom, including the idea that 'male brains' are fundamentally different from 'female brains'; that men have evolved to be inherently more promiscuous than women; that women have evolved to spend more time in front of the mirror; that there are more male geniuses and more idiots, that maternal instinct is 'hard-wired', and that men are better at mapreading and women at multitasking.  


“Readers who are not familiar with these arguments, and the science of the past forty years that supports them, should read this book. Especially fathers who have daughters, as Evans does.”

Times Literary Supplement

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