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To Love, Honour and Betray: Why Affairs Happen and How to Survive Them

Affairs can be wonderfully exciting but when they are discovered they can bring misery and heartache to all those involved. They can make us feel incredibly happy and at the same time riddled with guilt. When someone feels that something is missing in their relationship, either emotionally or sexually, they will often embark on an affair. But affairs are almost always high risk. Whether lover, betrayer or betrayed, life becomes an emotional roller coaster and the future is unknown.

Relationship counsellor, writer and agony aunt for over twenty years for YOU magazine in the Mail on Sunday, Zelda West-Meads brings new insight from all three sides of the triangle. Describing, with many case histories, the excitement of an affair, the pain that they can cause and the devastation when an affair is discovered, she also shows:

- Why infidelity is on the increase – research shows that 60 per cent of men and over 40 per cent and rising of women cheat.

- Why marriages are vulnerable.

- The reasons why men and women are unfaithful.

- Whether creative adultery can ever hold a marriage together.

- How the internet has made it easier for people to cheat – whether it’s with someone new or an old flame, a first love or your childhood sweetheart.

- How some marriages survive and why others end in divorce.

With empathy and without judgement, here is the best advice there is on love and betrayal.

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