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26 July 2017: Good review for Dark Water

Simon Thould’s gritty debut Dark Water has had a good review on Books and Tales

25 July 2017: Cabin Fever moves back into Amazon top 40

The sensational Cabin Fever by Mandy Smith has returned to the Amazon Top 40 bestsellers.

25 July 2017: David McClure calls for more royal financial transparency

Royal Financial Expert asks for more transparency from Her Majesty

22 July 2017: David McClure in the Daily Express

Should the Queen be more open about her £19.2m Duchy income?

21 July 2017: David McClure writes for the Guardian

The Queen has hit the jackpot again. But why does she need so much money?

19 July 2017: David McClure on LBC

David McClure was on Shelagh Fogarty’s show on LBC today discussing his book Royal Legacy and the growing wealth of the Queen.

12 July 2017: 'Murder, Mayhem and More' recommends Dark Water by @SimonThould, coming soon.

Murder, Mayhem and More

7 July 2017: IPG ‘Meet the Member’ with Thistle Books

Meet the Member

7 July 2017: Interesting interview with Nick Pope

Inside Edition - 70 Years After Famed Crash at Roswell, the Truth Is Still Out There

26 June 2017: A nice review for The Man Who Would Be Jack

“Bullock makes a strong and convincing case, admirably summarised in 21 key points towards the end.”

Peckham Peculiar

15 June 2017: Positive review of 'Mapreaders & Multitaskers' in Times Literary Supplement

“Readers who are not familiar with these arguments, and the science of the past forty years that supports them, should read this book. Especially fathers who have daughters, as Evans does.”

The women whatevers

14 Jun 2017: Great review for The Saint Jude Rules

Another terrific review for The Saint Jude Rules, book three in Dominic Adler’s gritty Cal Winter series of action-packed thrillers.

“Hard-hitting, smart and snarky, this non-stop action romp pulls few punches as rogue Special Ops killers bite back at the illicit agency which betrayed them.”

Full review - Murder Mayhem & More

14 Jun 2017: Crime Squad makes ITV1’s Judge Rinder’s Real Crimes.

Kris Hollington and Mike Pannett have just appeared on ITV1’s Judge Rinder’s Real Crimes. Their book Crime Squad formed the basis for Episode 8.

13 Jun 2017: Dominic Adler interviewed by The Indie View

Thriller writer Dominic Adler has given an interview to The Indie View, promoting his latest action-packed novel, The Saint Jude Rules, which is the third book so far in the bestselling Cal Winter series.

The Indie View

13 Jun 2017: Gavin Evans interview

Gavin Evans has given an interesting interview concerning his new book Mapreaders And Multitaskers.

Author Gavin Evans explores conventional gender roles in his new book Mapreaders And Multitaskers

13 Jun 2017: Katharine Quarmby on the 'purple vote'

Katharine Quarmby has written a fascinating article on the ‘purple vote’ for Prospect.

The purple vote: why disabled voters are getting behind Corbyn’s Labour

25 May 2017: BookBrunch cover awards win

A Life in Death wins at The People's Book Prize

24 May 2017

Congratulations to Richard Venables and Kris Hollington, last night their book A Life in Death won the Non-Fiction book prize at the People’s Book Prize award ceremony, presented by Frederick Forsyth. Two other agency titles were also shortlisted: Louise Moir for Irreplaceable (non-fiction), and David McGrath for Rickhaw (fiction).

16 May 2017: 3 People's Book Prize finalists for Thistle Publishing

No publisher will have more finalists at the 2017 People’s Book Prize awards than the agency’s imprint Thistle Publishing, which is represented in both Fiction (Rickshaw by David McGrath) and Non-Fiction (A Life in Death by Richard Venables and Kris Hollington, Irreplaceable by Louise Moir) categories.

BookBrunch - People’s Book Prize finalists

16 May 2017: Katharine Quarmby shortlisted for Little Rebels Children's Book Award

Ossiri and the Bala Mengro, by Katharine Quarmby and co-author Romani story-teller Richard O’Neill, illustrated by Hannah Tolson, has been shortlisted for the 2017 Little Rebels Children’s Book Award.

5 May 2017: Interesting royal article from David McClure

David McClure, the author of Royal Legacy, has written an interesting piece on Prince Philip for the International Business Times.

Prince Philip is a very different man behind closed palace doors

02 May 2017: Raise Your Grade selected on 'Best GCSE Books' list

Denise Gossage’s innovative new revision guide Raise Your Grade has been given an excellent review, and selected as part of a ‘Best GCSE Books’ list.

‘With an innovative and unique approach to GCSE revision, Dr. Denise Gossage’s Raise Your Grade gives students an engaging and useful guide to passing exams with relative ease.’

Best GCSE Books

30 Apr 2017: Biography of Clare Hollingworth optioned for film

Patrick’s Garrett’ biography of his great aunt, the journalist Clare Hollingworth, Of Fortunes and War, has been optioned by Eclipse Films.

29 Apr 2017: Mandy Smith on Sky News

Cabin Fever author Mandy Smith was on Sky News this morning, discussing a potential alcohol ban during flights.

28 Apr 2017: Chloe Banks returns to bestseller list

The gripping, mysterious The Art of Letting Go by Chloe Banks has moved into the Amazon top 40 bestsellers once again.

12 Apr 2017: Tom Stacey writes for Standpoint

Thistle author Tom Stacey has written a fascinating article for Standpoint magazine.

A Letter To Our Great-Grandchildren

10 Apr 2017: Mandy Smith on BBC West Midlands

Cabin Fever author Mandy Smith was on the BBC this afternoon, discussing alcohol abuse on flights.

07 Apr 2017: Nick Knowles recommends The Man Who Would Be Jack

TV presenter Nick Knowles is a fan of David Bullock’s fascinating new book on Jack the Ripper:

“Can I recommend simply the best Jack the Ripper book ever written.”

06 Apr 2017: David McClure in the International Business Times

Another interesting piece from Royal Legacy author David McClure.

The British Royal Family are government pawns in its diplomatic game to make Brexit a success

06 Apr 2017: Louise Moir BBC Radio interview

Louise Moir will be discussing her powerful memoir Irreplaceable, which tells the story of her husband’s suicide, on BBC Radio Sussex on 10th and 11th April at 2.30pm.

06 Apr 2017: Lots of publicity for Mapreaders & Multitaskers

Gavin Evans fascinating analysis of gender psychology Mapreaders & Multitaskers has been generating considerable interest since its recent launch, including the following interviews:

TV interview - News 24

Kieran Sandhur interview

10 Mar 2017: An interview with Patrick Garrett

Patrick Garrett has given a fascinating interview to Womanthology, on his great aunt Clare Hollingworth, the subject of his book Of Fortunes and War.

Uncovering the hidden secrets of Clare Hollingworth, the original warrior war correspondent and woman on the front-line – Patrick Garrett, Author

06 Mar 2017: A prize nomination for Katie in Love

Chloe Thurlow’s sensational novel Katie in Love has been nominated for The People’s Book Prize.

Katie in Love Nominated for the People’s Book Prize

02 Mar 2017: Patrick Delaforce has been awarded the Chevalier de Legion d'Honneur by France

The historian Patrick Delaforce has been awarded France’s highest honour, the Chevalier de Legion d’Honneur.

Second World War hero who helped liberate Bergen Belsen awarded France’s highest honour

01 Mar 2017: Two finalists in the People's Book Prize

Two Thistle titles have been shortlisted for the People’s Book Prize ceremony, which will take place in May: A Life in Death by Richard Venables and Rickshaw by David McGrath. Both books were published by Thistle Publishing.

The People’s Book Prize winners 2016

23 Feb 2017: Gavin Evans interview on 'Mapreaders' with Talk Radio

You can listen again to Gavin Evans fascinating interview with Talk Radio on his new book Mapreaders and Mindreaders.

Talk Radio

23 Feb 2017: Gavin Evans on women, men & sexual desire in International Business Times

Women like sex just as much as men - and they have it just as often too

23 Feb 2017: Gavin Evans on Mapreaders And Multitaskers

An interesting interview with Gavin Evans on his new book Mapreaders And Multitaskers.

Author Gavin Evans explores conventional gender roles in his new book Mapreaders And Multitaskers

30 Jan 2017: A Life in Death moves into bestseller list

Richard Venables’ extraordinary memoir A Life in Death moved into the Amazon top ten bestseller list at the weekend, reaching #7.

A Life in Death

16 Jan 2017: Of Fortunes and War extract in the Mail

There continues to be huge interest in Clare Hollingworth, who sadly passed away last week. This weekend, the Daily Mail serialised a passage from Patrick Garrett’s biography Of Fortunes and War:

You can’t arrest me, I’m naked! What pioneering war correspondent Clare Hollingworth - the first to report on Germany’s invasion of Poland - told police who accused her of spying

There was also a piece in the Times:

Reporter who broke news of war spent final years penniless

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