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Blackstone and the Scourge of Europe

Another case for the Bow Street Runner extraordinaire. Napoleon Bonaparte, once the scourge of Europe, is now a tame captive on the island rock of St Helena. Or is he? When rumours grow of a plan to escape, Blackstone is sent by George IV to investigate security on the island. He finds a buzz of suspicion and intrigue among its ill-assorted population of effete garrison officers, native servants and ex-smugglers. Is the ex-Emperor being poisoned? Blackstone aims to find out. And then one night a 'monster' is sighted out at sea…

Blackstone and the Scourge of Europe is the fourth Blackstone novel.


"It combines romance and adventure, roguery and authenticity ... Excellent reading, right to the end."

Manchester Evening News

"Lurid and exciting."

Smith's Trade News

"Another of those excellently researched and written adventures of Edmund Blackstone, Bow Street Runner."

Morning Telegraph

"A well written and ably constructed thriller set in the 1820s. The period background of the novel is very well realised and the characters are skilfully drawn, while the ingenious plot keeps the reader on tenterhooks."

Border Telegraph

"Another very readable adventure."

Coventry Evening Telegraph

“It's now 1820 and George IV sends Blackstone to St Helena to investigate the security of the island and to determine whether Napolean could escape. An enjoyable thriller. Another good read in the series.”

Susan Meikle (Reviewer)

“Great romp... an early kind of James Bond. Really fun.”

Leslie Gardner (Reviewer)

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