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Blackstone Underground

Tall, dark, elegant and tough, Blackstone grew up in the roughest slums of London. He now rubs shoulders with high society as easily as he moves among the thieves, whores and cut-throats of the nineteenth-century underworld. His dangerous career has made him a crack shot - and given him a taste for good wine and fine women. He is ruthless and courageous, and above all a Bow Street Runner.

Blackstone receives a challenge from the mysterious 'Diddiki' that they will break into the bullion vaults of the Bank of England. Suddenly he is faced with a dilemma: a pretty girl implores him to rescue her 13-year-old brother from the gallows. But will he have time to save both the boy and his own professional reputation? The race against time takes him on a dramatic chase through the twilight world of London's underground waterways.

Blackstone Underground is the fifth Blackstone novel.


"An exciting new hero has just made his bow-Edmund Blackstone, Bow Street Runner."

Daily Mirror

"A welcome return."

The Guardian

"Crisp, fast-moving stuff, with a strong sense of period."

Homes and Gardens

"An exciting series."

Bucks Standard

“Blackstone while trying to decide how to orchestrate the escape of a young lad from Newgate before he is hung, is being taunted by 'The Diddiki' that they can break into the vaults of the Bank of England at a prearranged time and the Bow Street Runners cannot stop them. An enjoyable well-written thriller.”

Susan Meikle (Reviewer)

“A peek into life on the streets of London in the 19th century, I was captivated by the storyline. Intriguing, thrilling, and entertaining.”

Emris Lindsay

"An overall well written story. I enjoyed reading it."

Melanie Kimble (Reviewer)

“Falkirk writes like a dream; lean, tense with an air of historical accuracy. This six book series starring Blackstone is an undiscovered gem.”

Andrew Eichner (Reviewer)

"Of all the Blackstone books, I think this is my favourite, and not just because of the fascinating look beneath the streets of Georgian England in the late 1820s at the stinking miles of foul sewers and other tunnels that at times threatened to undermine the fabric of the city. Falkirk's London is dark, dirty and depressing but always entertaining. His pages are peopled with men and women who all feel real and the period slang never feels forced or out of place. The books are great examples of 1970s writing and stand favourable comparison with Georgette Heyer's earlier classics."

Crime Review

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