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F Is for France: A Curious Cabinet of French Wonders

In this follow-up to her award-winning and critically acclaimed mythbuster They Eat Horses, Don't They? Piu Eatwell presents a delightful exploration of France's quirky, literary, and culinary heritage.

From absinthe and catacombs to former French soccer player Zinedine Zidane, Eatwell leaves no stone unturned, taking readers off the beaten path to explore the kind of information that gets missed in the guidebooks. Who could imagine, for example, that there is a village in France where UFOs are banned from landing? Or that there is a verifiable population of wild kangaroos in the forests surrounding Paris?

These, and many other offbeat delights, are just some of the curiosities awaiting readers in this journey through the hidden treasures of this endlessly fascinating country. Full of the richness and variety of France beyond the platitudes, F is for France is an ideal gift book and a must-read for Francophiles everywhere.


“Will appeal to Francophiles as well as those wanting to learn more about France in a fun, informal manner.”

Library Journal

“A delightful summer read… the colourful and offbeat facts and figures will delight anyone with an interest in French culture.”

“One of the best books you can give to the Francophile on your list - a book that transports the reader straight to Paris and around France, in exploration and celebration of French culture.”

Clotilde Dusoulier, Parisian food writer and author of ‘Edible French’ and the food blog ‘Chocolate & Zucchini’

“From unusual laws to quirky snippets of history, from weird words to baffling mysteries, ‘F is for France’ is an insight into France like no other.”

The Local

“While not a travel guide per say, this is a fun look at all things French, in alphabetical order. And readers can expect more than just the usual bakeries, cafes and museums. Look out for crypts, UFO landing sites and wild kangaroos. A great gift for the Francophile on your list”

For the Love of Books

”Perfect for the Francophile and those who love trivia.”

Bookworm Review Blog

“F is for France is a wonderful encyclopedia full of French historical and cultural trivia. The proper way to prepare Absinthe, rules for serving wine, the most popular main dishes, and of course, French etiquette are all in there. You’ll even find recipes. The perfect gift for family, friends or any Francophile in your life.”

Underrated Reads

“A fun and fact filled A-Z of Francophilian Frolics! Well researched and well written.”

Ruth Giles - Reviewer

“A fun and interesting read.”

S Shaikh - Reviewer

“An ideal book for the lovers of all things French or for those with a sense of curiosity.”

G Heard – Reviewer

“F is also for fascinating! This little gem of a book… The author has a lively style and you quickly become thoroughly engrossed in what she’s saying. It’s a book you can dip in and out of, but it’s very hard to put it down once you pick it up.”

Books Are Cool

“A highly enjoyable, fact-filled book. If you have any desire to visit France, or are just curious, this is a great book for your nightstand!”

Book Likes

“Extremely informative and cohesive”

Kristine Fisher (Reviewer)

“This was a fun upbeat look at Francophile trivia. Well-written and an enjoyable read.”

Janice Bell (Reviewer)

“A must-read. It takes you through A to Z of information about all things French…. F is for France is one I definitely want on my shelves.”

Blakeley Yankovich (Reviewer)

“On a sunny day, lie back in the park with some cheese and a glass of wine and laugh with your friends about all these fun little Frenchisms. Enjoy reading the longest sentence in French literature and how a chief tricked the boorish English into eating snails by calling the dish 'Thighs of the Dawn Nymphs'. Best to do it with others since it is poor etiquette for women to pour their own wine(!!!!). A really cute collection.”

C J (Reviewer)

“A fun, light guide to France in easily digestible bits--like a tray of petit fours for the Francophile mind. Delightful.”

Michelle Richmond (Reviewer)

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