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Maxwell’s Flame

Peter Maxwell may be a dinosaur to his colleagues and a crazy enigma to his students – although most of them think an enigma is one of those mad Australian hedgehogs that lay eggs. But even he was young once and he is thrilled and slightly disturbed to meet his first serious love from his Cambridge days when he is forced to attend a training course.

True love never did run smooth, and this time is no exception. With delegates to the conference centre spread all over three counties, working out who hated who and why is no easy task, and without his usual links with the Leighford Police to call on, Maxwell is stumped, but not for long!

With characters that leap off the page, the Maxwell series has something for everyone. Anyone who went to school, teaches in one, or has happily escaped from the chalk face will love the series, with humour and sadness intermingled with a plot packed with twists and turns.


‘Maxwell’s Flame manages to be funny, tragic and puzzling, which isn’t an easy trick to pull off.’

Manchester Evening News

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