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Princess: The Early Life of Queen Elizabeth II

A new biography of Queen Elizabeth II, focusing on

her early life, with new research and insights.

As a 13-year-old girl, Princess Elizabeth fell in love with Prince Philip of Greece, an ambitious naval cadet, and they married when she was 21. When Elizabeth suddenly became Queen at 25, their lives changed forever. With previously unpublished material and unique interviews with friends and relations, this book looks afresh at her life as princess, glittering yet isolating. Letters from Elizabeth and the royal family give an intimate insight into their lives and minds.  Vivid detail and anecdotes reveal more about her, the era in which she grew up and the people who shaped her life. The love and stability her parents provided, and the presence of her mother's family, Bowes Lyon, with their creativity and eccentricities, gave her a solid background from which to draw during the rapidly changing times of her long reign. This book tells the story of a young princess becoming a Queen.


“Fascinating. Jane Dismore's spellbinding account of the young Elizabeth II is packed with rich new research - a gripping read.”

Jane Ridley, author of The Heir Apparent: A Life of Edward VII

“Excellently researched and interesting.”

Sarah Bradford, author of Elizabeth: A Biography of Her Majesty the Queen

“The book features new information and interviews with family and friends who give their unique insight into The Queen’s young life. Dismore also goes back and provides details and scandals regarding her maternal family that I, for one, had not heard before. Reading it, you get a picture of the Scottish residences that Her Majesty as a young girl ran about with her sister and cousins while visiting her maternal grandparents (who were the Earl and Countess of Strathmore and Kinghorne). You also see the influence the Bowes-Lyons had on her upbringing into the wonderful woman and leader she is today.”

Royal Central

“A very informative and enjoyable account of the early life of Princess Elizabeth. I enjoyed it and would recommend even if you are not a fan of the Royal Family.”

Geoff Harper (Reviewer)

“This was a wonderful and informative book on Queen Elizabeth II.”

Tiffany Reeves (Reviewer)

“The British royal family lives in a gilded cage, and for all the riches, pomp, and splendor, we would do well to remember they are also people. In Princess: The Early Life of Queen Elizabeth II, author Jane Dinsmoore allows us to see the world’s longest-reigning monarch as just that: a regular person born into unbelievable and sometimes overwhelming responsibility. Pulling from interviews, memoirs, and other writings, Dinsmore’s attention to detail is phenomenal.”

Fragile Like a Bomb

“Thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend. Five stars.”

Julie Wilson (Reviewer)

“All in all, this is a thorough and detailed account of Queen Elizabeth's formative years and what set her on the road to becoming Queen. Interesting and packed with meticulous research, you could do worse than investing some time reading this. Dismore has done an exquisite job!”

Readers Retreat

“I've read several books on Elizabeth. I found this one to be particularly readable and interesting. Ms. Dinsmore has an engaging style… the book was like a novel.”

Debra Rojas (Reviewer)

“Princess offers a few surprises. Queen Mary was far more interested in Elizabeth’s education than her mother was. Her father, Prince Bertie/King George VI, was the only straight arrow among his brothers. Her mother didn’t seem to want to recognize Elizabeth had grown up, always lecturing her in letters on how to conduct herself, even though Elizabeth had always been proper. Elizabeth was exactly what the monarchy needed to survive.”

Terri Wangard (Reviewer)

“Ms. Dismore did a wonderful job on this historical biography on Queen Elizabeth. You will learn how she grew up, things she went through as the youngest Queen, being bombed by Hitler, meeting Philip when they were very young, how it blossomed into a love affair and then marriage.”

Cherie Homan (Reviewer)

“Absolutely brilliant! The book covers Elizabeth’s early life to the time of her assuming the throne. She is such a refreshing person. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the history of Great Britain, or just loves a good biography.”

Joyce Fox (Reviewer)

“Jane Dismore's research is as meticulous as her writing, and it is this balance of talents that makes Princess such a good read.”

Emi Bevacqua (Reviewer)

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