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Sugar: My Life as a Sugar Babe

A Single Mother, A Secret Life…

After her divorce, Monique decides to inject some fun into the drudgery of life as a single mother, by dating a wealthy older gentleman, which is known as 'sugar daddy' dating. It all starts quite innocently, but when Monique finds a thousand pounds in her wallet after one night of hot, steamy sex, she realises that sugar dating could be her way to survive as a single mother.

Soon life is a whirlwind of wealthy men, luxury hotels and glamorous experiences. She goes skydiving in Dubai and flies to Paris, Barcelona, Vienna, Milan, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. Thanks to her sugar daddies Monique can take care of her children, she gets a new sense of independence, discovers her sexual drive, and experiments with a whole new range of sexual fantasies.

But when she loses her job and her ex-husband stops paying alimony, she is prepared to do anything to safeguard her children and keep a roof over their heads. Money becomes her main focus and she starts living on the periphery of the escort world. Now she realises the truth: she needs to find a way out.


“Sugar was such a fun, fast and interesting read.”

Sabine Foster (Reviewer)

“Brilliant read.”

Rhiannon Matthias (Reviewer)

“A fast and easy read with some steamy scenes thrown in.”

Amber Waggoner (Reviewer)

“The way Monique starts out with her Sugar Daddy experiences is fun and adventurous. I really enjoyed her traveling and seeing new things with them also the luxury hotels and glamorous experiences.”

Kim Mooney (Reviewer)

“I absolutely loved this book!”

Cheryl Thomas (Reviewer)

"Monique X is a fantastic storyteller."

Linda Barrett (Reviewer)

"What a read! So good and will draw you right into the world of sugar babies. Could not put down."

Aggie Barnes (Reviewer)

"I loved this book so much. I could not help but to be hooked… such an enjoyable read."

Mina Verga (Reviewer)

"A unique and honest perspective. If you like memoirs then you'll love this one."

Ruby Watson (Reviewer)

"Great book! A fun, fast, steamy read. Can't wait to see what the author has in store next!"

Samantha Morrison (Reviewer)

"I really enjoyed this book. It was actually quite addictive, fun, and that little bit different."

Julie Haigh (Reviewer)

"Sugar by Monique X is a splendid read… after reading several chapters I couldn't put it down."

Evan Wilson (Reviewer)

"Sugar was a very, very steamy read. I definitely sat reading on the couch with the tips of my ears a bright red - especially if there were other people in the room. It was exciting right until the end."

Romi Loomans (Reviewer)

"I found it interesting to read and learn about how this lifestyle works… the book was well written."

Alisha Kreider (Reviewer)

"Sugar is the book for women, for grown-up women with life choices and life experiences behind us… A worthy read."

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