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The Filth

For the first time ever, a Metropolitan Police undercover detective has broken ranks to reveal the stark reality of life in the police force today.

Duncan MacLaughlin was one of New Scotland Yard's elite. In a career spanning more than two decades he served in both the Central Drug Squad and the Regional Crime Squad - Britain's equivalent of the FBI. Trained in in SAS covert techniques, his expertise lay in money laundering and undercover surveillance.

Infamous cases in which he was involved include the investigation of Kenneth Noye, the pursuit of kidnap victim Stephanie Slater, the murder of PC Keith Blakelock and Operation Emerge - the seizure of a tonne of cocaine, tracked from South America. He and his colleagues penetrated international drug cartels and nailed the ruthless barons who controlled them.

Filled with black humour, gritty slang and investigative detail that only an ex-copper could reveal, MacLaughlin's story is a riveting insight into the world of serious crime that is both thrilling and frightening.

With shocking behind-the-scenes stories that you'll never read in the newspapers or see on Crimewatch, The Filth is the true story about working on the dark side of the streets.


“Exposes the secrets Scotland Yard never wanted revealed.”

Sunday People

“An excellent and exciting read.”

Readers Retreat

“This addictively readable exposé chronicles author Duncan MacLaughlin’s fascinating climb up the police ladder to The Yard, with stories equally compelling for true crime junkies and regular readers alike. Highly recommended!”

Char Jones (Reviewer)

“A great book for police buffs… I loved it.”

Marie Angel (Reviewer)

"I am amazed that the author has not been offed by a government hitman for the level of secrets he's revealed in THE FILTH. Mesmerizing and unputdownable!"

Literary Soirée

"I couldn't put the book down… a very good read."

Page Lafitte (Librarian)

"Filled with black humor, gritty slang and investigative detail that only an ex-cop could reveal."

Clay Karthick (Reviewer)

"A great read… a tour de force story through the streets of London. Highly recommended."

David Odeen

"A good inside look at London's police force."

Simonne Lambert (Reviewer)

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