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The World of Inspector Lestrade

A guide to the history and characters of MJ Trow's

ever-popular 'Lestrade' mystery series.

Many readers of the Lestrade books wonder what is fact and what is fiction - and the author is delighted that they can't always tell! So, for all the readers out there who have ever asked that question, here is the World of Inspector Lestrade. In this book, the lid is taken off the Victorian and Edwardian society in a way you've never seen before. Lestrade knew everybody, from Oscar Wilde in the Cadogan Hotel, to General Baden-Powell, cross-dressing on Brownsea Island, to the hero of Damascus, General Allenby - 'you can call me Al.' Have you ever wondered whether Howard Vincent, Director of the brand new CID really had a pet iguana? Find out inside.

The Lestrade canon features the great and not so good of Britain when London stood at the heart of the Empire, the biggest in the world on which the sun never set. The novels on which this book is based are genuine whodunnits, with gallows humour and laugh-out-loud moments. Here you will find all the little peccadilloes that Lestrade took for granted. This is history as it really was - and I bet you wish you'd paid more attention at school now!


"A very entertaining book. I have read a couple of the Inspector Lestrade books, and whilst it has some references to the books, it can be a standalone book of the times, written in a humorous fashion."

Leyla Johnson (Reviewer)

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