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On the run from his criminal family, Daniel Dayton returns home to Newcastle Upon Tyne when his abandoned daughter is attacked.

But his family have problems of their own. Targeted by a brutal mercenary, their empire is destined to be destroyed should Daniel refuse to help.

Betrayed by his parents. Despised by his brother. In love with his sister-in-law. Home has become a dangerous place to be.

Daniel wants his daughter safe. And he wants his revenge, but in the shadowy streets of Newcastle, things are never what they seem.


"An outstandingly good debut from a remarkable author. I read it cover to cover and couldn't put it down. Well crafted, beautifully written and paced, it kept me guessing from the first page to the last."

Angela Anderson (Educator)

"My only complaint about this book is that it was impossible to put down! An excellent, gripping plot about a dysfunctional mafia family from North East England. I rarely get totally immersed in a book, but Woodcutter exceeded all my expectations."

Peter Coxall (Reviewer)

“Gripping and nail-biting from beginning to end.”

Emris Lindsay

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