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A Lot of Nerve

Nothing is quite what it seems…

Jones is a chancer, a schemer, always on the lookout for the next big deal.

In a pub one day he notices some papers changing hands for large amounts of money. He manages to insert himself into the middle of what looks like an extremely lucrative deal, but the can of worms he opens catapults him into a situation more volatile and dangerous than he could ever have imagined.

Caught between a violent gangster and the machinations of the state, Jones finds himself playing each side off against the other in order to stay alive. In a world of deception and intrigue, the only thing he can be sure of is that people are prepared to kill for the mysterious papers.


“A really good thriller… kept me hooked till the end.”

Anna Maria Giacomasso (Reviewer)

“Captivating, suspenseful, entertaining novel! This beautiful thriller kept me on the edge of my seat.”

YCC (Reviewer)

"A light hearted and delightful romp through the capers and adventures of a small-time hoodlum."

Nan Williams (Reviewer)

"An entertaining romp with a small-time crook in London. A quick fun read that kept me turning pages long after I should be sleeping."

Lisa Sprague (Librarian)

"A fast-paced, compelling read."

Maureen Ellis (Reviewer)

"Jones is not a truly bad guy - he fits about midway up the ladder of actual crooks and his scams and money laundering schemes are basically harmless. He has a knack for finding himself in the middle of deals, and as a middleman he shines. Unfortunately a couple of the very bad criminal bosses get him wedged into deals he is not comfortable being involved in, and he is able to use his knack in a meaningful way towards getting himself out of the line of fire. And with the help of sweet old Aunt Mimi and DI Hernandez he is able to keep himself alive..."

Bonnye Reed Fry (Reviewer)

"This is a very original story… very good entertainment… well written with great characters."

Terje Olsen (Reviewer)

"Totally enjoyable… Jones was a well-fleshed out character and his adventures were fun to read about. A great book."

Janet’s Book Corner

"Jones lives to make a deal. Got something you need to sell? Call him. Aunt Mimi will take the message. He sees papers change hands for a big envelope of money and decides to get in on the action. This is one transaction he may not survive."

Marie Angel (Reviewer)

"I hope to read more books by this author."

Darren Martin (Reviewer)

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