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Jack Was Here

Hugh Fitzgerald is losing control. In the aftermath of a traumatic end to his military career, his life has disintegrated. Hugh is approaching the end of his tether when a desperate plea for help arrives from a most unexpected quarter.

Nineteen-year-old Jack Kerr, halfway through a coming-of-age trip to Thailand, has disappeared. He has left few traces, little information, and absolutely no answers. As the days turn into weeks, his parents grow increasingly frantic.

They approach Hugh with a simple request; do whatever it takes to find their son, and do whatever it takes to bring him home. It sounds easy enough. The money is right. More importantly, it’s something to do – something useful.

But as soon as Hugh touches down in Thailand, the illusion of control begins to slip through his fingers. Jack’s warm trail is easy to find, but it leads somewhere unimaginable. Finally, as he closes in, Hugh is forced to resort to increasingly desperate measures.

Jack Was Here is an intoxicating glimpse into Thailand’s underworld. A startling debut from Christopher Bardsley.


“Wow. A riveting story about an ex-soldier with PTSD going to Thailand to find a missing teenager. I highly recommend it for a story that will grab you.”

Ken Cady (Reviewer)

“Really interesting book, quite a conflicted hero. Trying to reorganize his life after the shattering experience of war, Hugh smokes, drinks and wallows. He can't seem to find a way to find peace and direction and things look like they may spiral out of control. The book is a fast read.”

Cindy Lauren (Media)

“Good read.”

Elaine Fanson (Reviewer)

“This is a brilliant crime novel, and Christopher Bardsley is an author to watch for in the future.”

Coffee and Ink

“Great read… riveting. The description of PTSD is excellent and very well written.”

Nicky Jay (Reviewer)

“What I loved about this book is that Hugh is not your dashing knight in armor. He’s a pain, pessimistic, rude, self-absorbed but he’s also afraid, hurting, guilty and when this other side of him is revealed, you cannot help but empathize with him. The story has a great flow, the action of each character adds to the thrill… such a great read. Fans of mysteries, thrillers and crime are going to devour this.”


“Jack Was Here is an intoxicating glimpse into Thailand’s underworld. A startling debut from Christopher Bardsley.”

The Writing Desk

“This gripping book will totally hook you - I didn't want to put it down! Bardsley's characters come to life brilliantly, page after page, in this thrilling crime mystery.”

Tonya Jayston (Reviewer)

“You can feel the heat, smells and bustle of the streets and the seedy bars… If you are looking for a crime thriller that incorporates suspense, exotic locations and a high body count then this debut from Christopher Bardsley could be for you.”

G Heard (Reviewer)

“Grim and gritty… Bardsley paints a vivid picture of Thailand and Cambodia.”

Nigel Masterton (Reviewer)

"A wonderful debut novel, impossible to put down."

Janet's Book Corner

“Christopher Bardsley takes you by the throat with his writing and hangs on for dear life. The book is unputdownable, combining thriller, social commentary, politics, travelogue and self-discovery, and it stays with you long after you’ve finished it. It’s a haunting, challenging and powerful book.  

Books Are Cool

“Hugh is an ex Australian special forces soldier who suffers from PTSD. He goes to Thailand to track down the missing son of friends. This is a fast paced story about the dark world of drugs and drug smuggling. There is plenty of action and a lot to the story. I hope there is more of Hugh to come.”

Julie Hosford (Reviewer)

“Wow, what a powerful book. I will read anything this man puts out!”

Patrice Leonard (Reviewer)

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