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Redferne Lane

Ezra had it all when he died. A good job. A nice house. His loving wife, Grace.

Grace doesn’t even realise she’s struggling to keep herself together. Until Torin turns up in Redferne Lane. It’s been nearly two years since Grace has seen Torin. Since Ezra’s funeral. Now Torin is back in her life, emotions from the past are resurfacing and Grace begins to realise elements of her life are going wrong. She’s not sure she can take control.

But Grace isn’t the only one with problems in Redferne Lane. Josie has a husband and young family to contend with. Ada is facing the difficulties of old age. Jerome thinks he’s found the perfect girl. Eliza just wants to grow up. And Torin isn’t sure he should have what he wants. They all begin to turn to Grace for answers. Can Grace look beyond her own difficulties and help those around her, even while she’s trying to save herself?


“It was a pleasure being immersed in Gracie's world and being with the Redfernes… I love this book!”

Dora Archie Okeyo (Reviewer)

“Loved the book… a well written plot… A nice summer read.”

Helena Manoli (Educator)

“Grace is subtly drawn, revealed through others’ affections for her as well as her own clumsy, artsy charm. Through Redferne birthday and holiday parties, family dinners and informal cigarette breaks and after work drinks, the Redferne characters come to earthy and colorful life.  The novel is full of compassion and tough love, written in straight forward, yet fleshy language.  A redemptive read.”

Mari’s Book Reviews

“What a great read! I was hooked from page one! Loved the book!”

Cara Brown (Reviewer)

"Depicting Grace's reluctant recovery under the care of her small community, Redferne Lane is a tenderhearted and very real story of loss and renewal. The novel is full of compassion and tough love, written in straight forward, yet fleshy language. A redemptive read."

Midwest Book Review

"A hidden gem. The structure of the book is really rather clever. The story is told in two timelines with that of the present moving forward in time, while that in the past moves backwards in time. Yet somehow they come together, with the past of course explaining the present. The author made her characters and their lives seem vividly real to me. I will be looking out for more from this author in the future."

Portobello Book Blog

“I was hard-pressed to put it down… well written and very enjoyable. Highly recommended.”

Lucia Chase (Reviewer)

“Redferne Lane is very well written and I enjoyed the character development.”

Kate Kathryn (Reviewer)

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