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Three Men on Their Bikes

A contemporary comic novel in the spirit of Jerome K. Jerome,

about three friends on a 170 mile bike trip.

Staying friends should be easy. But then, so should growing up, and George, Harry and Ian have never really got the hang of that either. They spent their twenties in a state of permanent childish abandon. Now, adulthood is catching up with them and the icy blast of work, commitments and relationships is beginning to take its toll.

In one last ditch attempt to keep responsibility from eroding their friendship entirely, the trio decide to take a cycling holiday across the breadth of the country. Which would be fine if they'd ever cycled before. Or if George's idea of modern cycling wear wasn't tweed, long socks and cycling clips.


"This is a young man version of Last of the Summer Wine, but these are graduates, challenged by technology, officious railway personnel, bicycle clips and brightly coloured Lycra. They encounter cramped hotel rooms and sober women cyclists. They argue the merits of padded shorts over checked trousers belted above the calf. Short cuts and gut instincts sometimes win over GPS and Google searches. Their friendships and stamina go through the pain barrier in the hills and valleys of The Penines, and none are quite the same at the end of the journey."

Sara Mayos (Reviewer)

"Laugh out loud funny."

Cherie Homan (Reviewer)

"The book is a delightful read."

My Tiny Bookshelf

"At times comical, and at other points contemplative, this is a good story. "There's all the time in the world. The only thing that changes is the number of choices you have on what to do with it." I agree and I highly recommend this book."

Jena Henry (Reviewer)

"It captures the spirit of hiking/cycling tours and having some healthy fun."

Andreina Francisco (Reviewer)

“An absolute doozy of a book.”

Cherry-Ann London (Reviewer)

“What a fun read! I may not know anything about the English countryside, but I know the pain, humility and humor that comes from riding a bike. Richard Mapes captures it all in this tale about three middle-age men off on a holiday before one gets married.”

Susan O'Bryan (Media)

“A light and enjoyable read inspired by Jerome K. Jerome. It's well writtten, entertaining and it made me laugh out loud.”

Anna Maria Giacomasso (Reviewer)

“As the reader will discover this book is a bit more profound and poignant as it looks at how with the passing of time friendships can change and what once seemed permanent relationships set in stone can quickly dissolve. The ending is quite moving and I would be most interested to read a sequel and meet up again with the characters.”

G Heard (Reviewer)

"What a joy it was to read."

Snow Queen

Richard Mapes Buy